Installatron Server API and Setup Guide

API Specification, version 4.0.9 (2022-10-28)

1. Introduction

Please reference the "What is Installatron Server?" page for an overview of what Installatron Server is: What is Installatron Server?

As outlined, there are two hosting options for Installatron Server:

And three integration interfaces for Installatron Server:

In this document each Installatron Server integration interface will be explained in detail. The interfaces do not differ between self-hosted and hosted as a service instances.

2. Self-hosting Installatron Server

Follow these instructions to install an instance of Installatron Server on a local server.

3. Interfacing with Installatron Server

Input to the Installatron Server API can be formatted in JSON or simple URL encoded values.

Skip directly to the 3.17. Transferring a user into the Installatron Server GUI section to learn how to interface with the Installatron Server GUI.

4. Maintaining Installatron Server

This additional information can be helpful maintaining Installatron Server.

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