What is Installatron Plugin?

Installatron Plugin is a turn-key, state-of-the-art web application automation solution (also known as an auto installer or script installer) for web hosting control panel platforms.

Once installed on a control panel server, Installatron's powerful, easy-to-use user-interface integrates seamlessly, enabling instant, one-click installs and upgrades, backups and restores, and other advanced features for a premier collection of only the best applications on the web.

What are the system requirements?

Designed to maximize compatibility while minimizing requirements, the only requirements are a server with a supported control panel installed and elevated server privileges to complete the setup process. These control panels are supported:

Thorough testing is completed on hundreds of server configurations; on Linux, CloudLinux, Debian, FreeBSD, and Windows, with and without php-fpm, mod_ruid2, suphp, fastcgi, suexec, suhosin, safe_mode, open_basedir, on many VPS systems, including but not limited to OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, VMware, Xen, KVM, UML, Hyper-V, and no conflicts arise from operation alongside other auto-installers and common third-party software. The general rule is that all server configurations supported by a control panel are also supported by Installatron Plugin.

What is the recommended system configuration?

These recommended system configuration values will allow for the best application compatibility. If these requirements are not met then in most cases the website owners will receive a graceful error message for incompatible applications and versions:

Incompatible applications and application versions are handled gracefully and will appear disabled, so it's perfectly acceptable if a server doesn't meet the recommended configuration.

Is it called Installatron or Installtron?

Contrary to the popular misspelling, it is called Installatron. Think of installation with an r instead of an i.

Can I recommend a web application be added?

Absolutely. We're constantly evaluating new web applications for inclusion. However, only the best applications are accepted; applications that are complicated to use and applications that do not offer unique functionality complicate the website owner experience and are therefore avoided. It's also important that applications have at least a few mature translations available as Installatron Plugin is used worldwide.

To make a recommendation, open a ticket. Be sure to include a summary of the advantages the application provides.

How often are the application installers updated?

Critical updates are guaranteed to be tested and deployed within hours of release by the application vendor. This includes non-business day releases.

Non-critical updates weigh speed with stability, and in some cases the developers actually let us know when they think the latest version is ready to be deployed to Installatron. Standard releases for stable or popular web applications usually follow the "critical" update path, while larger version changes (and certain applications) might be given some breathing space to ensure stability.

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How secure is Installatron Plugin?

We take security seriously and Installatron Plugin is as secure as we can make it.

We cannot guarantee the security quality of the applications installed by Installatron.

Can I import existing installed applications?

Yes. Installatron Plugin includes a command-line and GUI tool to convert and import installed applications and data.

To import installed applications from the command-line, execute the below command and follow the instructions on-screen.

/usr/local/installatron/installatron --convert

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Where is the Installatron Plugin EULA located?

The Installatron Plugin EULA is available here

What are the current application versions provided?

A list of the application versions currently provided is available at the below links. The last update was on 2024-05-22, and updates come regularly.

Installatron Applications Table
Installatron Applications Browser

How many languages are the applications available to be installed and upgraded in?

We make an effort to add every complete language package that is supported by the application's authors. If support for a desired language is missing for an application, please contact us and we'll add it.

A list of the languages supported by each application is available at the below link.

Installatron Applications Table

Can I mirror an Installatron Plugin configuration between multiple servers?

Yes. Continue to the following Advanced FAQ entry for instructions.

Advanced Usage FAQ: How do I mirror an Installatron Plugin configuration between multiple servers?

What is Installatron Fast Update?

Installatron Fast Update enables providers to install and deploy a local Installatron data mirror, enabling Installatron to be installed and updated through the local network instead of through the traditional Internet. Fast Update saves bandwidth, increases update speed, and reduces server resources.

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Are all web applications open source?

Most applications are released on the GNU/GPL open source license, but not all. A list of licenses is available here.

Please note that the "HESK" app specifically prohibits web hosting companies from using their trademark and logo in advertisements.

Does Installatron Plugin work with the RVSkin cPanel theme?

Yes. Installatron Plugin fully and automatically integrates with the popular RVSkin cPanel theme. See also this RVSkin features page.

What is the end of life for each Installatron Plugin version?

Installatron Plugin 9.x is still supported and no end of life has been announced.

Installatron Plugin 8.x is still supported and will reach its end of life on May 15th, 2014 and can automatically be upgraded.

Installatron Plugin 7.x reached its end of life on May 15th, 2013 and can automatically be upgraded.

Installatron Plugin 6.x reached its end of life on May 15th, 2012 and can automatically be upgraded.

Installatron Plugin 5.x reached its end of life on May 15th, 2009 and can automatically be upgraded.

Installatron Plugin 3.x and older versions reached end of life status on May 24th, 2008 and can automatically be upgraded.

How do I add an Installatron.com-styled The Apps page to my website?

Continue to the advanced FAQ:

Advanced Usage FAQ: How do I add an Installatron.com-styled The Apps page to my website?

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