How to: Upgrade/update Installatron

When Installatron is installed, a Crontab or Windows Task Scheduler process is created that will automatically update Installatron once per day. This process can be disabled and re-enabled through Installatron's administration page.

Forcing an update

To force an update, click the run Installatron update now in Installatron (Administration tab), or:


To perform an update on Linux/Unix/FreeBSD, run these three commands as the root user:

wget http://dal01.installatron.com/installatron-plugin.sh
chmod +x installatron-plugin.sh
./installatron-plugin.sh -f
Tip: To run repair in interactive mode, remove -f from the last command.


To perform an update on Windows, re-run the installatron_setup.exe wizard.

The update/repair command can be run any time and as often as you like.

Upgrade Installatron 3.x.x to Installatron 7.x.x

The upgrade from version 3 to version 7 sees some major changes to Installatron's file layout and format. The upgrade process installs a fresh copy of version 7, imports all the settings and logs from version 3, and then removes version 3.

Note that the old Installatron 3.x.x backup directories are not converted or deleted, so they are left to the user. Old backups are located in /home/user_directory/itron_backups/.

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