Installatron Remote is a web application auto-installer and auto-upgrader (also known as a script installer) for website owners and businesses. Hosted on Installatron.com, Installatron Remote utilizes a web hosting account's FTP or SSH information to install, upgrade, modify, clone, backup and restore a growing collection the most mature and highest-quality applications on the web.

Installatrom Remote is absolutely free for unlimited installs, backups, and restores, and upgrades are limited to three (3) per calendar month. Installatron Remote Premium unlocks unlimited everything for any number of websites for just $29/year.

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A big time saver.

It takes just seconds for most apps to download and install to a website. Just input FTP or SSH information for the destination website and go!

All apps from one dashboard.

Get a global view of all your apps from Installatron Remote's My Applications tab. Monitor available upgrades, statistics, backups, and more.

Standardized one-click workflow.

The workflow of all tasks, from installing to upgrading and restoring, use a standardized "one click" navigation and workflow. This model enables tasks to be completed rapidly and without navigating through multiple steps or pages. Standardization across all tasks gives Installatron an almost horizontal learning curve.

All tasks execute in the background.

Installatron Remote launches every task as a managed background processes, enabling an accurate task progress bar to be displayed and freeing the website owner to perform other tasks or even log out of the control panel while the task completes.

You will be notified by email as tasks complete, and tasks are intelligently managed such that if one task fails, any queued tasks for the same installed application are aborted.

Have multiple apps to manage?

Installatron Remote provides standardized multi-select options, enabling tasks to be grouped so that, for example, a series of upgrades or backups can be performed as a single process.

Stay up to date. Automatically.

Tired of logging in to apply installed application updates? Want piece of mind security updates will be applied as quickly as possible? Installed applications can be configured to automatically backup and upgrade as new versions become available, significantly reducing the amount of time installed applications are vulnerable to security exploits.

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Only the best applications on the web.

To ensure a high-quality, trouble-free experience, Installatron Remote is actively maintained and only provides the most mature and highest-quality applications on the web.

Categorized by purpose.

To help guide you in selecting the most suitable application for the task at hand, applications are categorized by their intended purpose, and each category includes a helpful description.

Search and filter available applications.

Applications can be searched by keyword, empowering you to quickly find a specific application or type of application.

Applications can be filtered to only display if they're capable of being installed in your native language, and applications can be filtered to only display if no database is required.

New applications evaluated regularly.

Feedback and suggestions guide our evaluation of new and unique applications. When an application meets our standards, we contact the vendor for approval, package the application for inclusion, and publish the application package. However, applications that are complicated to use and applications that do not offer unique functionality are avoided.

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Upgrade to new versions.

Installatron Remote makes upgrading when new versions become available a snap.

Rapid and reliable application updates.

Applications are regularly updated as new versions are released. We understand the necessity of rapid security release availability and have designed our workflow to guarantee security releases and other critical bugfix releases are tested and deployed within hours of release by the application vendor, including holiday and non-business day releases.

Email notification.

An email is sent immediately as new versions become available for one-click upgrading.

Multi-select tools.

Have a bunch of apps? Installatron Remote's multi-select tools enable you to upgrade multiple out-of-date installs simultaneously, all in one click.

Optional automatic upgrades.

Installed applications can be configured to automatically backup and upgrade as new versions become available, significantly reducing the amount of time installed applications are vulnerable to security exploits. Automatic Update can be configured to only upgrade to new minor versions and security releases, or it can be configured to upgrade to any new version. In the event an automatic upgrade fails, the created backup is automatically restored.

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Clone installed applications.

Clone is a revolutionary feature that enables an installed application to be duplicated to a different location, even to a location on a different web hosting account. Clone is only available to Installatron Remote Premium subscribers.

Endless useful.

Use Clone to test an upgrade before applying it to a production install, to create a sandbox to test mods, plugins, or themes, or simply use Clone to duplicate an installed application for production use. The uses for Clone are endless!

Clone anywhere.

Any account location is a valid destination, including the root directory and any sub-directory of all sub-domains, addon domains, domain aliases, and even all locations on different web hosting accounts. All files, directories, and database tables are duplicated, and application settings are updated for the new location.

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Live Demo.

Live Demo provides links within Installatron Remote's Applications Browser to pre-installed instances of activated applications for evaluation purposes.

Not sure if an application is suitable?

Use Live Demo to rapidly evaluate potential applications prior to installation.

Resets frequently.

Live Demo resets each instance every couple of hours, and multiple instances per application are available to minimize parallel usage conflicts and enable evaluation of different languages and configuration options.

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Backup and Restore.

Installatron Remote can create backups of any installed app. Backups are created directly on your web hosting account.

Gzip compression.

Installed app files and database tables are compressed rapidly to a gzip-compressed archive.

Download backups.

Backups can be downloaded and stored locally to save web space.

Revert when something goes wrong.

Ever upgrade an app only to find the new version has broken your website? With Installatron Remote, you can instantly restore a working backup of the broken application.

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Installatron Remote is used in all corners of the globe. To serve an international market, Installatron Remote has been developed from the ground up to support international domain names, multi-lingual applications, user-interface localizations, and more.

28+ User-interface Localizations.

Installatron Remote is available in more than 28 languages, including but not limited to Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

Full IDN support.

Installatron Remote supports the Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) standard, enabling applications to be installed and maintained on non-English websites.

Install and Upgrade in different languages.

Save considerable time by using Installatron Plugin to install and upgrade applications in different languages. When an application is upgraded, the installed language package is also updated.

An effort is made to publish every complete localization that is supported by the application vendor. Some applications, such as MediaWiki, are available in 50+ languages.

Help improve Installatron Remote's translations.

User-interface translations and corrections can easily be submitted for unsupported localizations using the Installatron Collaborative Translation Editor.

Read more: Collaborative Translation Tool

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Multi-website ready.

Installatron Remote can manage applications on any number of websites added to your account.

99.9% of web hosting accounts supported.

Almost any web hosting account is compatible with Installatron Remote. Installatron Remote can use FTP, FTPS, or SSH to communicate with web hosting accounts.

Windows hosting supported too.

Installatron Remote is fully compatible with web hosting accounts hosted on Windows servers.

Time-saving multi-select options.

Using multi-select options, tasks for multiple websites can be grouped so that, for example, a series of upgrades or backups can be completed as a single process.

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Import existing apps.

Have apps that were installed manually or using other automation software? Installatron Remote can import existing apps into Installatron Remote, just as if the app were originally installed by Installatron Remote.

App information automatically detected.

Installatron Remote simplifies the process of importing existing apps by automatically detecting app attributes like the app's version, database information, and other values.

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Support is available.

Technical support is staffed by knowledgable professionals. Unlimited ticket-based and email support is available to Installatron Remote Premium subscribers.

No canned responses.

Every response from our support team is hand-crafted to the individual problem. We don't use scripts, templates or canned responses to solve problems — our customers deserve more.

Comprehensive documentation.

A comprehensive website owner guide is available through the Installatron Support portal.

Read more: Installatron Website Owner Guide

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