What's new in Installatron 7.0?

The release of 7.0 represents the biggest leap forward since the release of Installatron 6.1 in 2010. The focus of this release has been in the areas of adding multilingual applications, improving the multi-select system, adding a one-step task model, improving control panel integration, and adding support for ASP.NET applications. The end result is the world's best web application automation experience. Try the free version today and see for yourself! As with all releases, this is a free upgrade for all licensees.

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Multi-lingual applications, with upgrade support.

We've been working towards supporting multiple languages for the majority of applications we provide. This release marks the culmination of this effort. English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, you name it; if the application supports it, we can support it too. And the best part is that applications are upgraded in the language chosen.

Hello. 你好. Goedendag. Salut. Guten Tag. Olá. привет. Hola.

One step tasks with background processing.

Each task system has been reappraised and now follows an easy-to-use one-step model. Instantly install, upgrade, backup, and restore, all in just one step.

We've also added support for background processing. Never wait for a task to finish ever again. You can even navigate away or exit Installatron entirely. Executing tasks will finish uninterrupted in the background.

Whether it's forcibly upgrading every installed application on a server, or just backing up a single installed application, Installatron now provides the best experience ever.

Multi-select refinement.

While Installatron has supported performing tasks on multiple installed applications for years, this functionality was never streamlined. This is now history. In 7.0, all multi-select systems have been refined, massively improving ease-of-use and usability.

Better control panel integration.

The Installatron Plugin Control Panel Widget places the possibilities created by web applications front-and-center by seamlessly adding a section for "web applications" to the main dashboard of cPanel "x3", cPanel "RvSkin", and DirectAdmin "Enhanced". Fully-customizable, the Installatron Plugin Control Panel Widget can be configured independently by each reseller on a server--display installed applications, display a selection of installable applications, or just display a default selection of popular applications.


Windows ASP.NET applications.

Installatron Plugin 7.0 includes native support for Windows ASP.NET applications and MSSQL databases. Available immediately are DotNetNuke, BlogEngine.NET, and YetAnotherForum.NET, and additional popular and easy-to-use ASP.NET applications will be evaluated for inclusion in the future.

Hundreds of additional improvements.

In addition to major features, hundreds of tweaks and improvements are included in Installatron 7.0. Some of these include:

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