How does Installatron Plugin compare?

With its simple and elegant interface, exclusive features, rapid update guarantee, and rock-solid stability, Installatron Plugin is the industry-leading web application automation solution for control panels, including cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Parallels Plesk.

Installatron Plugin integrates with each control panel seamlessly, enabling instant, one-click installs and upgrades, backups and restores, and other amazing features for a premier collection of only the highest-quality web applications available.

Even as the competition trys to catch up, the features and technologies built into Installatron Plugin keep it years ahead.

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Installatron Plugin
Parallels "APS"
(aka Power Pack)

Control Panel Compatibility

Compatible with cPanel/WHM
Compatible with cPanel Enkompass
Compatible with DirectAdmin
Compatible with Plesk Linux/FreeBSD/UNIX
Compatible with Plesk Windows
Compatible with Virtualmin/Webmin NEW
Compatible with Kloxo/LxAdmin

Basic Features

Install applications
Install applications to the top-level directory
Install applications to secondary domains and sub-domains
Install applications to http and https
Install applications to international domains (IDN)
Install applications to locations that do not resolve (newly added domains/accounts, internal domains, etc.)
Install applications to user's web server home directory
Install applications in user's native language (or any selected language)
Install applications with or without sample data
Install different versions of an application (can be disabled)
Try a demonstration of any application prior to installation
View example websites created with an application NEW
Import applications already installed on the server
Migrate and import installed applications from remote servers
Clone installed applications
Update installed applications
Update WordPress plugins and themes NEW
Edit installed application admin username, password, and email address
Edit installed application site language and title
Backup and Restore installed applications
Backup and Restore installed applications to/from FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, or Dropbox NEW
Restore installed application backups to different locations than the source location NEW
Uninstall installed applications
Fully compatible with and tested against large application installs
Installed on and exclusively hosted from your server, ensuring the best possible reliability and customer experience
Installatron Fast Update saves bandwidth by enabling a local Installatron Plugin data mirror to be deployed

Ease-of-use Features

One click application installation
One click backup creation
One click updates (without the requirement to log-in to the application to complete an external task)
Automatic updates (optional and configurable per installed application, available for all applications)
Automatic/scheduled backups (optional and configurable per installed application) NEW
Disk space and dependencies checked prior to install, update, clone, backup and restore
All tasks execute as background processes with accurate progress bars
Standardized search and filter options
Time-saving multi-select tools for most tasks
Matches the look and feel of the control panel theme
Complete user and administrative guides and feature documentation


Applications chosen based on ease-of-use, maturity and quality
Majority of applications are available in many languages
24/7/365 rapid and reliable application updates
Features like clone and automatic update are available for all applications
Email notifications are sent when new application versions become available (can be turned off)
Randomized application administrative entry points for increased security
Applications are secured with the lowest possible permissions on sensitive files
Distinguishes between security releases, major versions, and regular minor versions NEW
Integrated version-to-version changelogs NEW
Compatible with PHP applications
Compatible with ASP.NET applications (Windows only)
Compatible with Perl applications

Reseller and Administrator Features

Full reseller control panel
All settings can be set differently for specific packages/users
Limit the applications and versions available to specific packages/users
User-installed applications can be completely managed directly from the admin/reseller UI NEW
Application and backup quotas NEW
Replace the local server backup location with a preconfigured backup location to save disk space NEW
Application templates can be created for use as the basis of new installations NEW
Comprehensive white-label and UI re-branding options
Installed application branding options
Option to disable database configuration settings
List Builder generates a list of applications for inclusion on your website
Message of the day

Administrator Features

Install applications and perform other tasks using the server command-line
Edit the text and image on all Installatron control panel links
Administrators can receive update summaries by email
Remote MySQL server support
Deploy a Installatron FastUpdate mirror to speed application updates
Share settings between servers by utilizing Multi-Server features NEW


Create custom application packages
Customize and augment Installatron-provided applications
Comprehensive API's for all tasks
WHMCS billing system integration
Collaborative user-interface translations

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