Installatron 6.1 Summary

New Application Browser
cPanel Enkompass & InterWorx
Install Automation API with
Billing System Integration

Hundreds of other improvements

What's New in Installatron 6.1?

The release of 6.1 represents Installatron's biggest leap forward since the release of Installatron 6.0 in 2009. The focus of this release has been in the areas of the user interface and extendability. The end result is the world's best web application automation experience. Try the free version today and see for yourself!

As with all Installatron releases, this is a free upgrade for all Installatron licensees.

New Application Browser

Installatron's Application Browser has been refined to provide a more intuitive workflow and elegant user interface. Selecting an application is more straightforward for beginners and veterans alike.

cPanel Enkompass & InterWorx

Installatron now supports the cPanel Enkompass (www.cpanel.net/windows) and InterWorx (www.interworx.com) server control panels! All Installatron server licenses are eligible for use with these control panels.


Install Automation API with Billing System Integration

The process of installing applications can now be automated using the new Install Automation API. This HTTP-API is designed to be integrated effortlessly into existing billing and provisioning systems, enabling applications to be installed to new or existing accounts instantly. Documentation and sample billing system modules are included to jump start integration.

Furthermore, 6.1 also includes a configuration-free command-line interface, enabling applications to be installed instantly through SSH.

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Sample: WHMCS billing system integration

Hundreds of other improvements

In addition to major features, hundreds of tweaks and improvements are included in Installatron 6.1. Some of these include:

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