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Afrikaans, Bosanski (Bosnian), Bulgarian, Catalan, 中文 (Chinese Simplified), 中文(台灣) (Chinese Traditional), Nēhiyawēwin (Cree), Česky (Czech), Dansk, Nederlands (Dutch), English, Estonian, Persian, Suomi, Français Ca, Français, Deutsch, Deutsch (Sie-Form), Hebrew, HEL, Indonesian, Italiano, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polski, Português (Portuguese), Português do Brasil, Română, Russian, Serbian, Slovak (Slovakian), Slovenščina (Slovenian), Español (Spanish), Español (Argentina), Swedish, Türkçe (Turkish), Українська (Ukrainian)
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Geeklog is an open source blog application. Geeklog was initially released in 2000.

Geeklog is a CMS and blog engine with support for comments, trackbacks, multiple syndication formats, spam protection, and all the other vital features of such a system. The core Geeklog distribution can easily be extended by the many community developed plugins and other add-ons to radically alter its functionality. Available plugins include forums, image galleries, and many more.

Blog/CMS Features:
  • Create, Schedule, Post and Edit articles in multiple topics
  • Save story drafts until they are ready for publishing.
  • Control over formatting used in articles (HTML whitelists)
  • Control over acceptable content (filtering of offensive language)
  • Embed images or other content in articles
  • Multiple Authors can post
  • Submissions from users
  • Support for comments, trackbacks and pingbacks
  • Export and import in all common syndication formats (RSS/RDF/Atom etc)
  • Spam detection and rejection
  • Robust calendar feature with support for personalized calendars.
  • Support for OAuth, OpenID and other remote authentication methods.
  • Extendible via numerous Open Source plugins.

Administration Features:
  • User accounts and access controls.
  • Robust *nix-like security model for all objects which can be extended for use in plugins
  • Access can be defined for each article, topic etc
  • All passwords are stored encrypted.
  • All admin access is logged.
  • All errors are logged.
  • Complete error logging on all forms and SQL calls.

Developer Features:
  • Plugin support with API for developers.
  • A fully configurable block system, with php-in-block support.
  • Well organized codebase, use of PHP's Object-Oriented features.
  • Thin database abstraction layer allowing Geeklog to be ported to DBMS's other than the defaults (MySQL and MSSQL supported directly).
-Geeklog developer

Available Versions
2.1.02014-07-21 (latest version)
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