Installatron Server 3.0 is now the release version

10 May 2012

After one month of continued refinement, we're proud to announce Installatron Server 3.0 is now the release version.

Version 3 includes hundreds of changes and additions. Highlights include:

  • Ability to clone installed apps.
  • Ability to migrate installed apps from other servers using a FTP connection.
  • Ability to edit installed app login and password, name, email, and other values.
  • Ability to configure installed apps to automatically update as new versions are released.
  • User interface improvements, including new icons throughout the UI and the addition of a universal "search and filtering" bar.
  • Live Demo and Live Demo Server are now available, enabling links to pre-installed instances of apps available within Applications Browser.
  • Most administrative settings can now be configured per group. Previously, only available apps could be configured per group.
  • New administrative settings and features, including installed application quotas and active task monitoring.

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