What's new in Installatron Server 3?

The release of 3.0 represents the biggest leap forward since the release of Installatron Server 2.0 in late 2011. The focus of this release has been in the areas of adding the ability to clone installed applications, enabling installed applications to be migrated from remote web hosting servers, adding the ability to automatically update installed applications as new versions become available, and expanding most administrative settings to enable them to be set for individual users and packages. The end result is the world's best web application automation platform.

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Clone installed applications.

Clone is a revolutionary feature that enables installed applications to be duplicated to a different location. Any account location is a valid destination, including the root directory and any sub-directory of all sub-domains, addon domains, and domain aliases. All files, directories, and database tables are duplicated, and application settings are updated for the new location.

Use Clone to test an upgrade before applying it to a production install, to create a sandbox to test mods, plugins, or themes, or simply use Clone to duplicate an installed application. The uses for Clone are endless!

Migrate installed applications.

Version 3.0 also adds the ability to migrate installed applications from remote web hosting servers. Migrate is an extension of the "Import an existing install" tool that utilizes a remote web hosting server's FTP information to copy an installed application from the remote server to a selected location on the local web hosting account. Similar to Clone, all files, directories, and database tables are copied, and application settings are updated for the new location.

Automatic Update.

Tired of logging in to apply installed application updates? Want piece of mind security updates will be applied as quickly as possible? The option to automatically update as new versions are released is now available!

Enabled at install time or later by editing an installed application, Automatic Update will automatically create a backup and update installed applications immediately as new versions become available. Automatic Update can be configured to only update to new minor versions and security releases, or it can be configured to update to any new version. In the event the upgrade fails, Installatron will automatically restore the created backup.

Edit installed applications.

Since the release of version 2.0, we've been working towards adding support to each application to edit the administrative username and password, installed language, website title, and other values. This release marks the culmination of this effort, and these values can now be edited for most installed applications. Best of all, we've designed this feature so that values are always in sync with the installed application.

Live Demo and Live Demo Server.

Ever want to rapidly evaluate an application prior to installation? Live Demo provides links within the Applications Browser UI to pre-installed instances of activated applications for evaluation purposes. Live Demo resets each instance every couple of hours, and multiple instances per application are available to minimize parallel usage conflicts and enable evaluation of different languages and configuration options.

Live Demo Server, an optional extension of Live Demo, enables web hosting service providers to independently host their own pre-installed application instances.

User interface improvements.

A universal search and filtering bar has been added to the My Applications, My Backups, and Applications Browser pages.

Many textual button labels have been shortened or replaced by simple intuitive icons, and button tooltips have been added to many buttons.

The View/Edit Installed Application, Uninstall and Delete Backup confirmation screens have been vastly simplified.

Buttons and icons throughout the user interface have been updated.

Expanded administrative settings.

Nearly all reseller and administrative settings have been expanded to enable them to be configured for individual users and control panel packages. In previous versions, only activated applications could be configured in this way.


Hundreds of additional improvements.

In addition to major features, hundreds of tweaks and improvements are included in 3.0. Some of these include:

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