Installatron Plugin 7.0 is now the release version

6 October 2011

After nearly two months of continued refinement, we're proud to announce Installatron Plugin 7.0 is now the release version.

Version 7 includes hundreds of changes and additions. Highlights include:

  • Wide support for multi-lingual applications.
  • A revised task workflow including one-click application installs, upgrades, backups, and restores.
  • Improved multi-select workflow that significantly cuts back on the time required to manage multiple installed applications.
  • Integrated background processing with task manager.
  • Support for ASP.NET applications on Windows servers.
  • More flexible control panel integration with the Installatron Plugin Control Panel Widget.
  • An improved, backward-compatible backup format.
  • IPv6 support enabling licenses to be assigned to IPv6 addresses.

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