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Installatron Server 4.1.53

2 November 2020

IS-2490-1 Fixed tasks API to show more than 5 minutes of task history.
IS-2488-1 Fixed regression caused by IS-1787-1 which triggered database prefix errors instead of database authentication errors.
IS-2488-2 Fixed application config file detection of escaped characters within double quoted strings.
4.1.53-2: IS-2500-1 Fixed a case which would result in incorrect file permission for symbolic links.
4.1.53-2: IS-2450-1 Added improved sanity checks for API-provided website definitions.
4.1.53-3: IS-2504-1 Fixed regression caused by IS-2450-1 which blocks the "browser" API without an API-defined website definition or API-defined user value.
4.1.53-4: IS-2490-1 Added manual option to re-balance Automatic Update and Automatic Tasks between nodes; /usr/local/installatron/installatron --balance-nodes
4.1.53-5: IS-2511-1 Fixed a case under which the task queue could become dead locked.
4.1.53-5: IS-2511-2 Fixed a case under which failed tasks could become stuck in the task queue as "Processing" when the task error message exceeded 255 characters in length.
4.1.53-5: IS-2516-1 Fixed fatal error when attempting to install/import/etc any app on web servers using PHP 8 beta.

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