Installatron Plugin is installed as a plugin on supported web hosting control panel systems. To download and install on a server, select the control panel installed below.








Download and Install: cPanel/WHM


Installing without a license will install the free edition. This edition is full-featured, includes all applications, and there is no time limit. The only limitation is that the free edition will only work for the first domain that it's used with. You can upgrade to unlimited domains at any time by simply purchasing a license. There is no need to reinstall and no data will be lost; the upgrade process is seamless.


Execute the below commands from the SSH root command prompt. Select RPM for servers that support the RPM packaging standard, Debian for servers that support the Debian packaging standard, or select Standard for any type of server.

rpm -Uvh http://data.installatron.com/installatron-plugin-cpanel-latest.noarch.rpm
wget http://data.installatron.com/installatron-plugin-cpanel_latest_all.deb
dpkg -i installatron-plugin-cpanel_latest_all.deb
wget http://data.installatron.com/installatron-plugin.sh
chmod +x installatron-plugin.sh
./installatron-plugin.sh -f

If you experience any errors, see troubleshooting.


Installatron Plugin is now ready to use in cPanel and WHM.

The main WHM account will see an Installatron Admin button in the Addons portion of the side menu.
Resellers will see an Installatron Admin button in WHM and an Installatron button in cPanel.
Website owners will see an Installatron Applications Installer button in cPanel.


A crontab process has been created to automate Installatron Plugin maintenance, including checking for Installatron Plugin and application updates once per day.

Continue to the Advanced Usage FAQ for advanced usage information.

Notes on firewalls and update redudancy

Firewall configurations that whitelist addresses must allow outgoing port 80 connections to these addresses.

dal01.installatron.com (Dallas, North America)
dal02.installatron.com (Dallas, North America)

Based on a server's geographic location, or for added redundancy, additionally allowing connections to these addresses is recommended. When multiple addresses are available the closest geographically will always be tried first.

ams01.installatron.com (Amsterdam, Europe)
atl01.installatron.com (Atlanta, North America)
lax01.installatron.com (Los Angeles, North America)
nyc01.installatron.com (New York City, North America)
sng01.installatron.com (Singapore, Asia)
syd01.installatron.com (Sydney, Oceania)

It's also possible to create an internal mirror for your company following the FAQ here: How do I create an Installatron Fast Update server?

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