Installatron 6.0 Released

8 April 2008

Installatron 6.0 has been released, featuring a greatly improved user interface and workflow throughout the software. Almost every aspect of the user-level interface has been pulled apart, reappraised, and reassembled with easy of use and web-standards as the guiding aims.

This release also sees significant speed improvements, in the orders of 150% and 200% for key tasks, improved use of language, and many behind-the-scenes improvements, making it the most robust and usable Installatron to date.

You can find more information about the core changes on the What's New in Installatron 6? page.

Trivia: This release utilizes the jQuery AJAX/Javascript library. Early testing showed it to be a clean and robust alternative to our Installatron 5 code, easily integrated, and we're very pleased with the streamlining that jQuery has brought to Installatron 6.

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