Installatron 5.1 Released

30 September 2008

Installatron 5.1 has been released, with some new major features (to go with the website redesign). Most notable is the new Converter tool, found in Administration > Tools, which allows you to quickly and easily import/convert, into the Installatron format, installs created by a long list of other auto-installers (specifically: Fantastico, Application Vault, CPAddon Scripts, CPSkins Auto-Installer Pro, and CPSkins PSA-Installer Pro). Migration to Installatron is as easy as it's ever been.

Additionally, the old three-day demonstation license has been replaced with a new FREE SINGLE-DOMAIN EDITION. This free edition, which is free to use for as long as you like, will be locked to the first domain that you install a script on, and can be easily upgraded to the unlimited-domain version by purchasing a license. Speaking of which, the installation and purchasing systems have been greatly improved, so both trying and/or buying as now very simple.

Work is already well underway with version 5.2.

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