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Laravel 10.32.1

20 November 2023

Laravel version 10.32.1 is now available (major release).

What's New in Laravel 10.32.1


- Add @pushElseIf and @pushElse by @jasonmccreary in #48990


- Update PendingRequest.php by @mattkingshott in #48939
- Change array_key_exists with null coalescing assignment operator in FilesystemAdapter by @miladev95 in #48943
- Use container to resolve email validator class by @orkhanahmadov in #48942
- Added getGlobalMiddleware method to HTTP Client Factory by @pascalbaljet in #48950
- Detect MySQL read-only mode error as a lost connection by @cosmastech in #48937
- Adds more implicit validation rules for present based on other fields by @diamondobama in #48908
- Refactor set_error_handler callback to use arrow function in InteractsWithDeprecationHandling by @miladev95 in #48954
- Test Improvements by @crynobone in #48962
- Fix issue that prevents BladeCompiler to raise an exception when temporal compiled blade template is not found. by @juanparati in #48957
- Fix how nested transaction callbacks are handled by @mateusjatenee in #48859
- Fixes Batch Callbacks not triggering if job timeout while in transaction by @crynobone in #48961
- expressions in migration computations fail by @tpetry in #48976
- Fixes Exception: Cannot traverse an already closed generator when running Arr::first with an empty generator and no callback by @moshe-autoleadstar in #48979
- fixes issue with stderr when there was "]" character. by @nikopeikrishvili in #48975
- Fix Postgres cache store failed to put exist cache in transaction by @xdevor in #48968


- Allow Sleep::until() to be passed a timestamp as a string by @jameshulse in #48883
- Fix whereHasMorph() with nullable morphs by @MarkKremer in #48903
- Handle class_parents returning false in class_uses_recursive by @RoflCopter24 in #48902
- Enable default retrieval of all fragments in fragments() and fragmentsIf() methods by @tabuna in #48894
- Allow placing a batch on a chain by @khepin in #48633
- Dispatch 'connection failed' event in async http client request by @gdebrauwer in #48900
- authenticate method refactored to use null coalescing operator by @miladev95 in #48917
- Add support for Sec-Purpose header by @nanos in #48925
- Allow setting retain_visibility config option on Flysystem filesystems by @jnoordsij in #48935
- Escape forward slashes when exploding wildcard rules by @matt-farrugia in #48936


- Fix postgreSQL reserved word column names w/ guarded attributes broken in native column attributes implementation by @hafezdivandari in #48877


- Test Improvements by @crynobone in #48815
- Verify hash config by @timacdonald in #48814
- Fix the issue of using the now function within the ArrayCache in Lumen by @cxlblm in #48826
- Match service provider after resolved by @timacdonald in #48824
- Fix type error registering PSR Request by @kpicaza in #48823
- Ability to configure default session block timeouts by @bytestream in #48795
- Improvements for artisan migrate --pretend command 🚀 by @NickSdot in #48768
- Add support for getting native columns' attributes by @hafezdivandari in #48357
- fix(Eloquent/Builder): calling the methods on passthru base object should be case-insensitive by @luka-papez in #48852
- Fix QueriesRelationships@getRelationHashedColumn() typehint by @cosmastech in #48847
- Remember the job on the exception by @timacdonald in #48830
- fix bug for always throwing exception when we pass a callable to throwUnlessStatus method [test included] by @mhfereydouni in #48844
- Dispatch events based on a DB transaction result by @mateusjatenee in #48705
- Reset ShouldDispatchAfterCommitEventTest objects properties by @mateusjatenee in #48858
- Throw exception when trying to escape array for database connection by @sidneyprins in #48836
- Fix Stringable objects not converted to string in HTTP facade Query parameters and Body by @LasseRafn in #48849


- Fixes Str::password() does not always generate password with numbers by @crynobone in #48681
- Fixes cache:prune-stale-tags preg_match delimiter no escaped by @ame1973 in #48702
- Allow route:list to expand middleware groups in 'VeryVerbose' mode by @NickSdot in #48703
- Fix model:prune command error with non-class php files by @zlodes in #48708
- Show CliDumper source content on last line by @CalebDW in #48707
- Revival of the reverted changes in 10.25.0: firstOrCreate updateOrCreate improvement through createOrFirst + additional query tests by @mpyw in #48637
- allow resolving view from closure by @PH7-Jack in #48719
- Allow creation of PSR request with merged data by @timacdonald in #48696
- Update DocBlock for convertCase Method to Reflect Optional $encoding Parameter by @salehhashemi1992 in #48729
- Use ValidationException class from Validator Property by @a-h-abid in #48736
- Implement Test Coverage for Str::convertCase Method by @salehhashemi1992 in #48730
- Extend Test Coverage for Str::take Function by @salehhashemi1992 in #48728
- Add replaceMatches to Str class by @hosmelq in #48727
- Fix duplicate conditions on retrying SELECT calls under createOrFirst() by @KentarouTakeda in #48725
- Uses stefanzweifel/git-auto-commit-action@v5 by @nunomaduro in #48763
- fix typo in comment by @vintagesucks in #48770
- Require DBAL 3 when installing by @Jubeki in #48769
- Escape the delimiter when extracting an excerpt from text by @standaniels in #48765
- Fix replaceMatches in Str class by @hosmelq in #48760
- Moves logger instance creation to a protected method by @rodrigopedra in #48759
- Add runningConsoleCommand(...$commands) method by @trevorgehman in #48751
- Update annotations in wrap method to accommodate Collection instances by @salehhashemi1992 in #48746
- Add Tests for Str::replaceMatches Method by @salehhashemi1992 in #48771
- Do not bubble exceptions thrown rendering error view when debug is false (prevent infinite loops) by @simensen in #48732
- Correct phpdoc for Grammar::setConnection by @Neol3108 in #48779
- Add displayName for queued Artisan commands by @jessarcher in #48778
- Test Improvements by @crynobone in #48797
- Make inherited relations and virtual attributes appear in model:show command by @sebj54 in #48800


- Fixed issue: Added a call to the getValue method by @lozobojan in #48652
- Add an example for queue retry range option by @pionl in #48691
- Add percentage to be used as High Order Messages by @WendellAdriel in #48689
- Optimize exists validation for empty array input by @mtawil in #48684


- Store blocks after prepare strings by @nunomaduro in #48641
- throw TransportException instead of Exception in SES mail drivers by @bchalier in #48645
- Fix Model::replicate() when using unique keys by @axlon in #48636
- Don't crash if replacement cannot be represented as a string by @GrahamCampbell in #48530
- Extended pluck() testcases by @bert-w in #48657
- Fixes GeneratorCommand not able to prevent uppercase reserved name such as __CLASS__ by @crynobone in #48667
- Fix timing sensitive flaky test by @KentarouTakeda in #48664
- Fixed implementation related to afterCommit on Postgres and MSSQL database drivers by @SakiTakamachi in #48662
- Implement chunkById in descending order by @cristiancalara in #48666


- Revert "Hint query builder closures (#48562)" by @taylorotwell in #48620

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