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Installatron Server 4.1.61

6 February 2023

Schema revision: 11
Schema changes: None
IS-3319-1 Added an error which occurs when an API request uses the same value for both "user" and "websites[].id". These values share the same namespace and must be unique. If necessary, revert to the old behavior by setting "allow_user_website_collisions=yes" on a new line in /usr/local/installatron/etc/settings.ini
IS-3451-1 Added support for new application requirement: php-max-input-vars (required by Moodle)
IS-3490-1 Fixed a display issue under which a backup made to a remote server might display as 0-bytes in size (the actual backup was fine).
IS-3489-1 Fixed a display issue on the My Backups tab pertaining to orphaned backups which would allow inaccurate meta data to be reported in very specific cases.
IS-3412-1 Fixed "guixfer" API from sometimes returning an invalid session ID.
IS-3421-1 Fixed a PHP 8 compatibility issue inside the FTP/S layer which would allow the system to accumulate many unnecessary FTP connections, sometimes culminating in FTP error messages.

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