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Installatron Server 4.1.60

13 October 2022

Schema revision: 11
Schema changes: ALTER TABLE `i_installs` ADD COLUMN `autobk_daily` SMALLINT(4); ALTER TABLE `i_installs` ADD COLUMN `autobk_weekly` SMALLINT(4); ALTER TABLE `i_installs` ADD COLUMN `autobk_monthly` SMALLINT(4); ALTER TABLE `i_installs` ADD COLUMN `autoup_plugins` TINYINT(1); ALTER TABLE `i_installs` ADD COLUMN `autoup_themes` TINYINT(1); DROP FUNCTION IF EXISTS USER_VERSION; CREATE FUNCTION USER_VERSION() RETURNS SMALLINT RETURN 11;
IS-3294-1 Fixed automatic backups with a schedule of 0/0/0 from creating a backup as if they were scheduled as 1/0/0.
IS-3296-1 Fixed a case where the `autobk_daily`, `autobk_weekly`, `autobk_monthly`, `autoup_plugins`, and `autoup_themes` fields would be cleared when the `cf` field was cleared.
IS-3296-2 Fixed the log rotation configuration at /etc/logrotate.d/installatron to allow custom edits as long as "File Managed by Puppet" exists within the file.
IS-3299-1 Fixed the system to properly obey the `mirror=` configurable variable.
4.1.60-2: IS-3281-4 Fixed a case where a failed Restore-to-Original or Sync process could get stuck in an "incomplete" flagged state.
4.1.60-3: IS-3286-1 Added support for IS-3286-1.
4.1.60-4: IS-3301-1 Added support for IS-3301-1.
4.1.60-5: IS-3301-2 Fixed a regression introduced by IS-3301-1.
4.1.60-5: IS-2516-1 Added internal support for PHP 8.1.
4.1.60-5: IS-3310-1 Fixed case where the UI did not pre-selected the Automatic Update Backup option correctly.
4.1.60-6: IS-3286-2 Fixed incompatibility with IONOS Assistant plugin.
4.1.60-6: IS-3313-1 Fixed validation of very long email addresses.
4.1.60-7: IS-3314-1 Fixed the `deleteuser` API to display an error when the `user` defined doesn't exist.
4.1.60-8: IS-3360-1 Added support for calling the `deleteuser` API without a `user` defined.
4.1.60-8: IS-3361-1 Fixed the system make one attempt to re-establish an on-demand file system connection (defined using `enablePathByWebsite`) when the existing one fails to reconnect.

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