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Installatron Server 4.1.59

19 January 2022

Schema revision: 10
Schema changes: This release does not contain any schema changes.
IS-2776-5 Added configuration parameter `num_cpu_extra` which defines the number of extra user-initiated tasks to allow while and only while the task queue is otherwise full of system-initiated tasks like Automatic Backup or Automatic Update. The default value is 2. Ref: APPS-262
IS-2661-1 Added support for empty Database Host values.
IS-3215-2 Fixed MKDIR on an existing directory from triggering an error (scope limited to FTP/S connections).
IS-3216-1 Fixed PHP 8 regression regarding exporting and importing MySQL database tables. Ref: APPS-279
IS-3213-1 Fixed a case where certain cache files were incorrectly created under the /usr/local/installatron/ directory. It should instead be /var/installatron/cache/.
IS-3212-1 Fixed a case where AbanteCart could not be imported into Installatron.
4.1.59-2: IS-3224-1 Added configuration parameter `http_timeout` for Installatron Server HTTP operations. Defaults to 3600 seconds.
4.1.59-2: IS-3225-1 Fixed a regression which in some cases would block WordPress theme updates.
4.1.59-2: IS-2776-6 Fixed a regression which could allow the system to disobey configuration parameter `num_cpu`.
4.1.59-3: IS-2776-7 Fixed a race condition introduced by IS-2776-6.
4.1.59-3: IS-3236-1 Added compatibility with Cloudflare DNS to avoid the occurrence of HTTP 524 errors.
4.1.59-4: IS-3238-1 Fixed an issue where the timestamp embedded in backup filenames didn't match the timestamp displayed in the UI and API.
4.1.59-4: IS-3239-1 Migrate: Added --source-ftu-key argument allowing a path to the SSH key to be defined.
4.1.59-4: IS-3240-1 Migrate: Added workaround for issues where a WAF on the remote server could block migration processes.
4.1.59-4: IS-3244-1 Fixed database subsystem for compatibility with PHP 8.1 web spaces that have full error reporting enabled.
4.1.59-5: IS-3248-1 Fixed regression introduced by IS-3244-1.
4.1.59-5: IS-3249-1 WordPress: Fixed a case where a WAF could block WordPress plugin and theme updates from being applied.
4.1.59-6: IS-3267-1 Fixed display of Dropbox input fields when Editing a Dropbox backup location.
4.1.59-6: IS-3266-1 Added support for a custom PHP path for certain shell operations.
4.1.59-6: IS-3266-2 Fixed PHP4 support for certain shell operations (yes, PHP4!)
4.1.59-6: IS-3258-1 Fixed rare filesystem incompatibility which could cause the task queue to become stuck.
4.1.59-7: IS-3266-3 Fixed a regression introduced by the changes for IS-3266-1 and IS-3266-2.
4.1.59-7: IS-3251-1 Fixed case where Sync would not pick up Destination installation database information correctly.
4.1.59-8: IS-3211-1 Fixed database connection errors pertaining to a Restore process to no longer trigger in any case where the information is valid.
4.1.59-9: IS-3211-2 Fixed a regression introduced by IS-3211-1.
4.1.59-10: IS-3278-1 PHP 8 compatibility: Fixed a specific case where PHP 8 would fail when using the SSH protocol.
4.1.59-11: IS-2798-2 Fixed case where "deleteme.*.php" files would accumulate under the installation.
4.1.59-11: IS-3281-1 Fixed case where "incomplete=1" would get attached to failed Sync and Restores.
4.1.59-12: IS-3289-1 Fixed the Clone/Migrate process from copying malformed "php.ini" files.
4.1.59-13: IS-3292-1 Fixed a bottleneck impacting SSL-based connections which could severely impact performance.

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