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Installatron Server 4.1.58

26 October 2021

Schema revision: 10
Schema changes: This release does not contain any schema changes.
IS-2692-1 Added improvements to better handle PHP-FPM behavior when a server is overloaded.
IS-2804-1 Added improvements to the install form to reduce load time.
IS-2806-1 Added option at Installatron Admin > Features to control whether a directory is suggested for new installations.
IS-2483-1 Added group control to set API.
IS-2642-1 Fixed a caching issue which could cause Installatron Admin > Apps > Access Control to show incorrect or empty app information.
4.1.58-2: IS-2811-1 Fixed the Automatic Backup routine to never process the same URL twice even if duplicate entries happen to exist in the database.
4.1.58-3: IS-2822-1 Fixed UI file list to allow re-selection of the app data directory in cases that it exists under a sub-directory.
4.1.58-3: IS-2824-1 Fixed "unable to read app config file" error logged to logs/error_log while an app is installing.
4.1.58-4: IS-2776-1 Fixed bottleneck impacting daily crontab process when duplicate installations exist.
4.1.58-5: IS-2776-2 Fixed the daily crontab process from crashing the task queue under some server configurations, regression caused by IS-2776-1.
4.1.58-6: IS-2776-3 Fixed zombie task detection to catch per-user and per-server limits.
4.1.58-7: IS-2776-4 Fixed unique regression caused by IS-2776-1 which blocked the task queue.
4.1.58-7: IS-3215-1 Added performance enhancements when exporting and importing MySQL database tables (SSH connections only).

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