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Installatron Server 4.0.2

31 January 2014

Added WebDAV support to the Remote Backups feature.
Added an option at Installatron Admin > Features to hide the 'www.' or non-'www.' version of all domains. Default is disabled.
Added an option at Installatron Admin > Theme to display a back button to return to the control panel UI on each tab's navigation bar. Default is disabled.
Added pill button to Applications Browser to replace the import button. This change is intended to help reduce customer support caused by website owners inadvertently clicking the import option. CSS updated.
Fixed an issue that could cause a manually-specified table prefix to be ignored by the install wizard.
Fixed an issue affecting a limited number of servers that was causing extra delay and possible timeout errors when uploading backups to Dropbox.
Fixed overlapping text on the My Apps UI when an error occurs.

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