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Installatron Server 3.0.14

25 April 2013

Added the ability for server administrators to forcibly update WordPress plugins using the Installatron API and CLI. This is a beta-quality feature. More information: http://installatron.com/docs/admin/wordpress
Migrate: Improved migrate to handle large migrations from resource-limited servers more efficiently and reliably.
Improved handling of Apache-owned files on web servers without suexec PHP (SuPHP, etc.).
Drupal: Fixed a regression introduced in 3.0.13 that prevented cloning MySQLi-enabled Drupal installations.
API: Added the ability to get the license text for any application version using the "browser" API (add a "license" => "" argument). For example: {"cmd":"browser","application":"wordpress","license":true} or {"cmd":"browser","application":"wordpress","version":"3.5.1","license":true}

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