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Installatron Plugin 9.1.61

1 September 2023

IP-3780-1 Added internal support for PHP 8.2.
IP-3627-1 Added support for user-level .settings file, which will slowly phase the existing user-level .prefs file out of use.
IP-3789-1 Fixed a case where Automatic Update rollback would fail to execute on servers without a paid license.
IP-3848-1 Fixed a regression causing Single Application Mode to display in the UI incorrectly.
IP-3855-1 Fixed an issue where a fatal error could occur in the Install UI.
IP-3858-1 Fixed a regression which allowed the system to forget an administrator's update-related notification defaults.
IP-3859-1 Fixed an issue impacting the SFTP layer where the connection's password was visible in a specific error message.
IP-3747-1 SeedDMS: Fixed detection of database information.

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