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Installatron Plugin 9.1.60

19 June 2023

IP-3536-1 Fixed a case where backups would fail to upload or download to/from Google Drive over a poor network connection.
IP-3648-1 Fixed trailing slashes from blocking the downloading of backup archives from Amazon S3 backup locations.
IP-3647-1 Fixed detection of the "proc_get_status" PHP function for application versions that require it.
IP-3649-1 Fixed a display issue under the My Backups tab which could show a backup location as '?'
IP-3535-1 cPanel: Fixed display of installed applications under some versions of the Jupiter cPanel theme.
IP-3642-1 WordPress: Fixed a case where renamed wp-config.php files were not detected.
IP-3644-1 Dolibarr: Fixed a database detection error which could occur while importing Dolibarr.
IP-3678-1 DirectAdmin: Fixed numerous display issues caused due to changes in the Evolution theme in DirectAdmin 1.652.
IP-3687-1 Matomo: Fixed escaping of certain characters in the app config file.
9.1.60-2: IP-3533-1 Added support for retrieving system IP address from 'ip' instead of 'ifconfig'.
9.1.60-2: IP-3701-1 cPanel: Fixed an issue where 'login=1' in the page URI could impact the default Administrator Username value of new installations.
9.1.60-2: IP-3666-1 Fixed a regression impacting the Import/Migrate system which could block certain FTP configurations.
9.1.60-2: IP-3707-1 Fixed a regression impacting the Clone system which could causing a 'The server has stopped responding' error.
9.1.60-3: IP-3683-1 Fixed support for IDN 2008.
9.1.60-3: IP-3716-1 Fixed a case under PHP 5 where the version of the 'filter' extension could be incorrectly determined.
9.1.60-4: IP-3689-1 Fixed multiple cases where the Edit API 'replace_domain' parameterr did not execute successfully.
9.1.60-4: IP-3740-1 Fixed a case causing excessive syscalls when operating on an installed application.
9.1.60-4: IP-3737-1 cPanel: Fixed a case where quota check would return incorrect values.

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