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Installatron Plugin 9.1.59

31 March 2023

IP-3559-1 Added UI exposure of admin and reseller configured backup quota configurations.
IP-3503-1 Fixed migration process to rename index.htm and index.html with a .save extension when index.php exists.
IP-3552-1 cPanel 110+: Fixed white screen and other related issue that some systems were experiencing.
IP-3553-1 Fixed incorrect FTP/S information from causing a fatal PHP error on PHP 8.1.
IP-3530-1 DirectAdmin: Added support for EvoluSkin.
IP-3530-2 DirectAdmin: Fixed support for latest Evolution skin changes.
IP-3581-1 WordPress: Added new --disallow-wordpress-multisite arugment to import/migration API to block migrations of WordPress installations with multisite enabled. Errcode triggered: invalid_argument_disallow_wordpress_multisite
IP-1944-1 Fixed API argument names to accept both hyphens (-) and underscores (_) when either are required. For example, both "source-path" and "south_path" would be accepted.
9.1.59-2: IP-3598-1 Fixed multiple regressions caused by IP-1944-1 which would incorrectly normalize user-defined parameters.
9.1.59-3: IP-3603-1 Fixed a regression impacting the Import UI.
9.1.59-4: IP-3615-1 Fixed a fatal error which could occur when cloning an app on a server using PHP8.1 or newer.
9.1.59-5: IP-3612-1 Fixed a regression which blocked the addition of new Backup Locations from the context of the Admin and Reseller UI's.

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