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Installatron Plugin 9.1.58

13 July 2022

IP-3267-1 Fixed display of Dropbox input fields when Editing a Dropbox backup location.
IP-3257-1 cPanel v102+: Fixed database creation for older MySQL 5.6 versions.
IP-3258-1 Fixed rare filesystem incompatibility which could cause the task queue to become stuck.
IP-3292-1 Fixed a bottleneck impacting SSL-based connections which could severely impact performance.
IP-3289-1 Fixed the Clone/Migrate process from copying malformed "php.ini" files.
IP-3294-1 Fixed automatic backups with a schedule of 0/0/0 from creating a backup as if they were scheduled as 1/0/0.
IP-3299-1 Fixed the system to properly obey the `mirror=` configurable variable.
IP-3298-1 Added better redundancy to database creation routines on cPanel and DirectAdmin.
9.1.58-2: IP-2516-1 Added internal support for PHP 8.1.
9.1.58-2: IP-3308-1 Fixed a case where disabling the current WordPress version would block WordPress plugin/theme updates for all versions.
9.1.58-2: IP-3309-1 Fixed DirectAdmin 2021 Evolution theme Dark Mode.
9.1.58-2: IP-3310-1 Fixed case where the UI did not pre-selected the Automatic Update Backup option correctly.
9.1.58-2: IP-3311-1 Fixed case where an "Expression tree is too large" SQL error could occur.
9.1.58-3: IP-3313-1 Fixed validation of very long email addresses.
9.1.58-3: IP-3345-1 DirectAdmin: Fixed issue where the error "This functionality is not available in demo mode." could occur incorrectly.
9.1.58-3: IP-3335-1 Fixed WordPress plugin compatibility with the External Links plugin.
9.1.58-3: IP-3351-1 Added support for variable preview image sizes.
9.1.58-3: IP-3352-1 Fixed a regression caused by 9.1.58-2 which could block the Installatron Admin "Group:" dropdown from loading correctly.
9.1.58-3: IP-3337-1 Fixed a regression caused by 9.1.58-2 which could introduce an error when attempting to Restore a backup saved to Amazon AWS.
9.1.58-4: IP-3373-1 Fixed Automatic Update to trigger rollback when critical files are missing. Previously, only a system error triggered rollback.
9.1.58-4: IP-3342-1 Added internal settings to allow re-try of FTP/S connections due to non-authentication failure; "fs_ftp_retry_limit" (the number of retries to attempt) and "fs_ftp_retry_delay" (the delay between retries)
9.1.58-5: IP-3434-1 Fixed My Apps and My Backups to automatically refresh caches when there are additions to the physical .appdata data directories.
9.1.58-5: IP-3433-1 Added an error message when an installation's database information is out of sync with the app config file and cannot automatically be resynced.
9.1.58-5: IP-3451-1 Added support for new application requirement: php-max-input-vars (required by Moodle)
9.1.58-5: IP-3490-1 Fixed a display issue under which a backup made to a remote server might display as 0-bytes in size (the actual backup was fine).
9.1.58-5: IP-3487-1 Fixed a few cases where Converter could not import an application.
9.1.58-5: IP-3489-1 Fixed a display issue on the My Backups tab pertaining to orphaned backups which would allow inaccurate meta data to be reported in very specific cases.
9.1.58-5: IP-3486-1 DirectAdmin: Fixed detection of available MySQL database and MySQL username length.
9.1.58-5: IP-3421-1 Fixed a PHP 8 compatibility issue inside the FTP/S layer which would allow the system to accumulate many unnecessary FTP connections, sometimes culminating in FTP error messages.
9.1.58-5: IP-3522-1 Fixed a case where a system OOM event could cause an installation's .htaccess to be replaced with the default .htaccess contents.

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