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Installatron Plugin 9.1.58

13 July 2022

IP-3267-1 Fixed display of Dropbox input fields when Editing a Dropbox backup location.
IP-3257-1 cPanel v102+: Fixed database creation for older MySQL 5.6 versions.
IP-3258-1 Fixed rare filesystem incompatibility which could cause the task queue to become stuck.
IP-3292-1 Fixed a bottleneck impacting SSL-based connections which could severely impact performance.
IP-3289-1 Fixed the Clone/Migrate process from copying malformed "php.ini" files.
IP-3294-1 Fixed automatic backups with a schedule of 0/0/0 from creating a backup as if they were scheduled as 1/0/0.
IP-3299-1 Fixed the system to properly obey the `mirror=` configurable variable.
IP-3298-1 Added better redundancy to database creation routines on cPanel and DirectAdmin.
9.1.58-2: IP-3308-1 Fixed a case where disabling the current WordPress version would block WordPress plugin/theme updates for all versions.

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