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Installatron Plugin 9.1.57

26 October 2021

IP-2692-1 Added improvements to better handle PHP-FPM behavior when a server is overloaded.
IP-2804-1 Added improvements to the install form to reduce load time.
IP-2806-1 Added option at Installatron Admin > Features to control whether a directory is suggested for new installations.
IP-2483-1 Added group control to set API.
IP-2642-1 Fixed a caching issue which could cause Installatron Admin > Apps > Access Control to show incorrect or empty app information.
IP-2611-1 Plesk: Added improvements to database creation routine.
IP-2805-1 Plesk Windows: Fixed an issue which could cause tasks to not be processed by the task queue.
9.1.57-2: IP-2822-1 Fixed UI file list to allow re-selection of the app data directory in cases that it exists under a sub-directory.
9.1.57-2: IP-2824-1 Fixed "unable to read app config file" error logged to logs/error_log while an app is installing.
9.1.57-2: IP-2776-1 Fixed bottleneck impacting daily crontab process when duplicate installations exist.
9.1.57-3: IP-2776-2 Fixed the daily crontab process from crashing the task queue under some server configurations, regression caused by IP-2776-1. If you are seeing a stuck queue the issue should automatically resolve within a few hours after the update, otherwise see this troubleshooting entry: https://installatron.com/docs/admin/troubleshooting#pwait
9.1.57-3: IP-2826-1 Plesk: Added improvements to automatically correct incorrect owner values.
9.1.57-4: IP-2776-3 Fixed zombie task detection to catch per-user and per-server limits.
9.1.57-4: IP-2731-1 DirectAdmin: Added improvements allowing the --cp-username and --cp-password arguments to be dropped from all command-line requests.
9.1.57-4: IP-3210-1 Fixed a case where a user could bypass the admin/reseller-level disablement of plugin/theme Automatic Updates and enable one or both.
9.1.57-5: IP-3215-1 Fixed MKDIR on an existing directory from triggering an error (scope limited to FTP/S connections).
9.1.57-5: IP-3212-1 Fixed a case where AbanteCart could not be imported into Installatron.
9.1.57-5: IP-2661-1 Added support for empty Database Host values.
9.1.57-5: IP-2786-1 cPanel: Added Installatron Tab support on Jupiter theme.
9.1.57-5: IP-2786-2 cPanel: Fixed Installatron Widget support on Jupiter theme.
9.1.57-6: IP-2786-3 cPanel v102+: Fixed Installatron Widget support on new WHM theme.
9.1.57-6: IP-3223-1 cPanel: Fixed UI inside cPanel to obey language selection in more cases.
9.1.57-7: IP-3221-1 Fixed a regression which could cause an error: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught ArgumentCountError
9.1.57-7: IP-3228-1 DirectAdmin: Added support for https://$hostname/~$user vhost, replacing http://$IP/~$user where possible.
9.1.57-7: IP-3229-1 Fixed a case where an 'The server has stopped responding' error would occur while editing an installation.
9.1.57-7: IP-3225-1 Fixed a regression which in some cases would block WordPress theme updates.
9.1.57-7: IP-2776-6 Fixed a regression which could allow the system to disobey configuration parameter `num_cpu`.
9.1.57-8: IP-2776-7 Fixed a race condition introduced by IS-2776-6.
9.1.57-8: IP-3236-1 Added compatibility with Cloudflare DNS to avoid the occurrence of HTTP 524 errors.
9.1.57-8: IP-3238-1 Fixed an issue where the timestamp embedded in backup filenames didn't match the timestamp displayed in the UI and API.
9.1.57-8: IP-3239-1 Migrate: Added --source-ftu-key argument allowing a path to the SSH key to be defined.
9.1.57-8: IP-3240-1 Migrate: Added workaround for issues where a WAF on the remote server could block migration processes.
9.1.57-8: IP-3244-1 Fixed database subsystem for compatibility with PHP 8.1 web spaces that have full error reporting enabled.
9.1.57-8: IP-3249-1 WordPress: Fixed a case where a WAF could block WordPress plugin and theme updates from being applied.
9.1.57-8: IP-2611-2 Plesk: Fixed regression caused by IP-2611-1.

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