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Installatron Plugin 9.1.56

29 July 2021

IP-2733-1 Fixed an error impacting certain MySQL versions in regards to improved support for Edit when an app URL is changed.
IP-2765-1 Fixed an error message which didn't trigger for specific cases when creating a backup over 2GB on a 32-bit operating systems.
IP-2772-1 Fixed "view" and "installs" API's to always return "autoup" as well as "autoup-plugins" and "autoup-themes" for WordPress installations.
IP-2751-1 cPanel: Added dynamicui support for the "implements" value as "Installatron_Home"
IP-2778-1 Fixed UI tooltip compatibility issues, removed some cases where they were unnecessary.
IP-2783-1 Fixed UI support for new cPanel "jupiter" theme.
IP-2785-1 Fixed Control Panel Widget to only list Highlighted apps unless override is set at Installatron Admin > Interface > Control Panel.
IP-2787-1 Plesk: Fixed an issue which could result in duplicate links to Installatron.
9.1.56-2: IP-2790-1 Fixed support for Dropbox API security changes which are effective September 30th.
9.1.56-2: IP-2790-2 Fixed Dropbox and Google Drive API's to use direct downloads from My Backups.

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