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Installatron Plugin 9.1.55

13 May 2021

IP-2691-1 Added improved handling of underprivileged MySQL and MariaDB accounts and other errors.
IP-2680-1 Fixed a regression which could cause Installatron to re-try 503 errors too many times.
IP-2723-1 Fixed CURL calls to define "noproxy" in specific cases when a proxy is enabled and the proxy can't resolve the domain name.
IP-2691-2 cPanel: Fixed database Access Denied error which could occur in rare cases when automatic database management is enabled.
IP-2721-1 PrestaShop: Fixed an issue with the shop_url.physical_uri value when cloning/migrating to the base directory.
IP-2676-1 WordPress: Fixed a case under which a upgrade was successful but would not report the correct version inside WordPress or Installatron.
IP-2304-1 PrestaShop: Fixed a case when installing from a template could produce a 404 error.
IP-2727-1 Fixed UI to stop debug logging before trying to send large downloads.
9.1.55-2: IP-2706-1 Nextcloud: Fixed an issue under which a line break could go missing in the .htaccess file, causing a HTTP 500 installation error.
9.1.55-2: IP-2728-1 Fixed a regression which could block importing apps that have no table prefix.

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