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Installatron Plugin 9.1.53

24 September 2020

IP-2431-1 Fixed database import/migration process to consider meta data from disabled app versions.
IP-2430-1 Changed the magic "auto" number of simultaneous tasks to default to two less than the previous value.
IP-2430-2 Added "System Load Maximum" setting to Installatron Admin > Settings. Previously this was a hidden, config file only setting.
IP-1787-1 Added additional database creation redundancy.
IP-2442-1 Added ease of use improvements to the task management UI.
IP-2437-1 Fixed an issue which could cause the task queue to quit processing tasks which were delayed for later processing by the "peruser" task metering setting.
IP-2428-1 Fixed systems to clear litespeed app cache when necessary.
IP-2447-1 Fixed PHP error resulting from IP-2428-1.
IP-2454-1 Fixed language identifiers to ignore character set case.
9.1.53-2: IP-2460-1 Fixed regression caused by IP-2454-1 impacting Clone API queries without "language" set.
9.1.53-2: IP-2373-1 Fixed symbolic link handling for SFTP, FTP, and FTPS connections.
9.1.53-2: IP-2373-2 Fixed a bug affecting performance of some move operations of SFTP, FTP, and FTPS connections.
9.1.53-2: IP-2476-1 Fixed blocked HTTP requests impacting websites using Incapsula WAF.
9.1.53-3: IP-2488-1 Fixed regression caused by IP-1787-1 which triggered database prefix errors instead of database authentication errors.
9.1.53-3: IP-2488-2 Fixed application config file detection of escaped characters within double quoted strings.
9.1.53-3: IP-2500-1 Fixed a case which would result in incorrect file permission for symbolic links.
9.1.53-4: IP-2503-1 cPanel: Fixed a case which presented after uppercase characters were introduced to a domain name. It resulted in a false "directory does not exist" error.

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