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Installatron Plugin 9.1.52

5 August 2020

IP-2393-1 Added improvements to improve load time of Install, Clone, Migrate, and Restore-to-location forms for accounts with many databases.
IP-2265-1 Backup Quotas: Added the ability to limit specific backup channels.
IP-2250-1 Fixed a bottleneck in the restore backup process which could result in an extra file copy operation.
IP-2342-1 Fixed a case which was suppressing certain MySQL and MariaDB error messages from displaying upon task failure.
IP-2398-1 Fixed an invalid database error which could occur when attempting to Clone apps that do not use a database.
IP-2317-1 Fixed deletion of Dropbox-stored backups.
IP-2359-1 cPanel: Fixed an issue which could prevent the display of the Web Applications widget.
IP-2390-1 cPanel: Fixed an issue which could show an error regarding /etc/trueuserdomains when accessing Installatron via WHM.
IP-2368-1 DirectAdmin: Fixed multiple formatting issues with DirectAdmin's Evolution theme.
IP-2368-2 DirectAdmin: Fixed embedding compatibility with DirectAdmin's Evolution theme.
AP-161-1 Add environmental control for PHP session.auto_start.

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