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Installatron Plugin 9.1.48

1 October 2019

IP-1758-1 Added support for the DirectAdmin evolution skin.
IP-1609-1 Added granular control over the Email Notification default selection.
IP-1449-1 Fixed importing apps with literal "null" prefix values.
IP-1512-1 Fixed the Edit API to enable partial database variable replacement, instead of having to provide the whole set.
IP-1569-1 Fixed an issue impacting some systems which blocked templates from copying to secondary/slave servers.
IP-1613-1 Fixed an issue with the database export process which could result in multiple SELECT/LIMIT queries for the same dataset.
IP-1514-1 Fixed app installation and management on non-resolving hostnames for non-Apache DirectAdmin servers.
IP-1737-1 Fixed an issue impacting database creation on some DirectAdmin servers.
IP-1573-1 Fixed an issue blocking Dropbox and Google Drive provisioning on some DirectAdmin servers.
IP-1603-1 Fixed a regression which resulted in an error when attempting to import certain apps with no database prefix.
IP-1742-1 Fixed an API issue which would block changing the "url" of an installation after the original location was removed.
IP-1781-1 Fixed an issue under which the DirectAdmin theme would not appear in embedded mode.
IP-1817-1 Fixed database routines to correctly handle hostnames with empty port values.
9.1.48-2: IP-1768-1 Fixed a regression parsing certain formats of API input.
9.1.48-3: IP-1819-1 Fixed database export routines to address a data overflow case which caused high memory usage.
9.1.48-3: IP-1834-1 Fixed database export routines to address a regression impacting MySQL VIEW structures.
9.1.48-3: IP-1852-1 Fixed a display issue which caused screenshot popovers to be vertically off-center.

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