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Installatron Plugin 9.0.7

21 January 2014

Added support for ionCube's PHP 5.5 loaders. Installatron Plugin is now fully compatible with PHP 5.5.
Added a new {detailsnopasswd} variable for the new install email template which omits the new install's administrative password. This variable is the default starting with this release.
Added a boolean setting to turn off the inclusion of default values for the administrative username, password, and email fields within the install wizard.
Fixed migrate to better handle certain passive FTP(S) source server configurations.
Fixed the edit subsystem to display an error when a directory is set that does not correspond to the application.
Fixed an "Empty reply from server" error occurring when uploading backups to Dropbox with the CURL extension driver selected.
Fixed Automatic Update to no longer create a backup if backups are turned off at Installatron Admin > Settings.
Fixed a rare file locking collision that could occur when using with-selected to delete multiple installed application backups. The collision results in the My Applications entry for the installed application disappearing, however affected entries can be added back using Applications Browser's Import wizard.
Fixed the Applications Browser UI's display of quote-characters included within tooltip texts.
Fixed backups saved to Dropbox backup locations to properly get deleted when deleted through the My Backups tab and Automatic Backup.
API: Fixed locale customizations to apply to the 'browser' API endpoint.
Plesk Windows: Fixed a database creation issue on older versions of Plesk Windows (9.x, 8.x).
DirectAdmin: Fixed extra latency affecting the install wizard under "lan_ip" server configurations.
Multi-Server: Fixed the temporary directory to no longer accumulate unnecessary files. Existing unnecessary files will be cleaned up automatically.

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