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Installatron Plugin 9.0.6

15 November 2013

Added the ability to de-associate default files, directories, and database tables from the installed application (Files and Tables tab of Edit).
Fixed an issue where editing an installed application would sometimes always update the installed localization files even if the selected language was not changed.
Fixed an issue affecting certain imported apps where the database type wasn't detected correctly. This resulted in version numbers not syncing and other malfunctions for affected imported apps.
Fixed an "unable to find archive" error that occurred when restoring backups created automatically by a user-defined backup schedule in conjunction with a user-input remote backup location.
cPanel: Modifying an account's primary domain through the WHM Modify Account UI and API will now automatically update the domain throughout Installatron.
cPanel: Fixed an "You, {user}, are not authorized to access {value}" error the cPanel Database API would sometimes errantly return when creating new databases.
DirectAdmin: Fixed a security flaw that could allow an attacker to overwrite a system-level file under certain conditions. Updating immediately is encouraged, however there is no reason to believe that this vulnerability is known to the public. Installatron would like to thank Rack911.com for discovering and reporting this issue.
Plesk: Removed 'www.' from sub-domain options unless it's explicitly enabled.

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