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Installatron Plugin 8.0.8

10 January 2013

Debian packages (.deb) are now available in addition to RPM. The traditional shell script and Windows executable will remain available; the RPM and Deb packages simply provide an alternative.
Clone: Fixed Clone to handle larger installed apps (5GB+) with much better performance.
Upgrade: Fixed the Version dropdown for the upgrade-multiple UI to always populate all options.
Migrate: Improved compatibility with source web hosting accounts that are configured with a low PHP execution time limit.
Internet Explorer 8: Fixed an issue preventing tooltips from properly displaying.
"Modern" theme: Fixed minor styling issues on main tabs for Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10.
List Builder: Fixed a fatal error that occurred when building large files.
Kloxo: Fixed a compatibility problem with some versions of Kloxo that prevented the Domains dropdown from populating.
cPanel 11.28: Fixed a WHM compatibility problem with the cPanel/WHM Perl changes.
Plesk 10+: Fixed admin-level Converter compatibility problems with Plesk 10 and newer.

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