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Installatron Plugin 7.0.14

29 February 2012

Added support for PHP CGI configurations that require +x on public PHP files.
Added admin/reseller option to disable application name truncation on the Applications Browser tab.
Fixed "Websites" dropdown to group websites correctly.
Fixed VPS licenses to always check that the server is a VPS.
Improved install page's "Databases" dropdown.
Plesk: Improved compatibility with Plesk 10.4's PHP safe_mode configuration.
Plesk: Improved general compatibility with Plesk 10.4, including adding better support for Plesk reseller type users.
Plesk 10.x: Added support for the Control Panel Widget.
CLI: Added documentation for the "--browser" command to the help screen.
Coppermine: Now accepts passwords with non-alphanumeric characters.
ExtCalendar: Removed "readonly" flag affecting file permissions on Enkompass servers.

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