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Installatron Plugin 7.0.13

30 January 2012

Added support for executing all API tasks as background processes. A task's status is queried through a new "tasks" API. For more information, reference the documentation here: http://installatron.com/developer/automation
Added better detection for cases where PHP is disabled on a specific domain.
Added support for installed application quotas per reseller. This major feature was originally scheduled for release in Installatron Plugin 7.1.
DirectAdmin: Added IDN check to ensure correct PunyCode format.
Developers: Updated internal language identifier table to support more languages. See Application Packaging documentation.
Improved Application Browser caching for non-English languages.
Fixed "Language" dropdown to always correctly select a session's active language, if it's an available install option.
Fixed the "Import an existing install" tool to always allow any old version to be imported when the admin/reseller's "Only allow latest versions" option is enabled.
Fixed the "Import an existing install" tool to properly detect the installed version of most applications.
Fixed Converter to better handle conversion. Specifically, a problem importing Gallery and Magento from other auto installation software was fixed.
Fixed List Builder to include the correct list of languages.
Fixed an error message that would sometimes occur when restoring backups created through the admin UI.
Fixed "dummy" installs so they no longer appear when using the Admin-level Install Upgrade tool.
Fixed a problem that sometimes caused session data to get stuck.
Fixed a problem restoring specific Magento backups.
Fixed task progress bars to be more accurate.
Plesk: Fixed a problem downloading backups on Plesk 8.x servers.
Plesk: Fixed an installation error on Plesk Windows 9.5 when the "MSSQL" database option is enabled.

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