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Since January 1, 2009

Zoner on suomalainen hosting-alan yritys, jolla on yli 17 000 tyytyväistä asiakasta ja meidät tunnetaankin erityisesti hyvästä asiakaspalvelusta.

Webhotellimme ovat Suomen nopeimpia ja sisältävät mm. verkkotunnuksen, kotisivutilan, sähköpostipalvelut, varmuuskopiot, SSL-salauksen ja tietenkin myös kätevän Installatron-asennusohjelman.

Zoner is a Finnish web hosting company established in 2005. The founders are Toni Claren and Jani Willberg, who are both still involved in the company’s operational. Zoner has two offices in Finland, one in Vantaa and one in Oulu. Today, there are more than 20 employees.

Zoner is known for its good customer support, which is open seven days a week. Support calls are answered in an average of 14 seconds, and the service is available in both Finnish and English. We have over 17 000 satisfied customers.

Shared web hosting

Zoner’s shared web hosting environment is an easy and affordable solution for most websites. Shared web hosting environment includes, for example, free domain, email services, database, backups, SSL certificate, and Installatron-program.

We have liked Installatron because of the installation of various programs, updates, and configuration of backups work well. Customers can take care of all those things with just a few presses of a button.

There are many sizes of shared web hosting plans, so there is a good solution for everyone. They vary, for example, in terms of disk space and amount of traffic. We assist in the selection of the right service plan if needed.

We are constantly developing our services, especially based on the wishes and requirements of our customers. Our servers are located in Helsinki, Finland. We always ensure the physical integrity, fire safety, cooling, and power supply of the servers.

The high availability cloud environment

Our shared web hosting plans are using a high availability cloud environment, which means significantly fewer, and shorter outages.

The cloud environment uses physical servers, but the shared web hosting environments are not tied to just one single server. Thanks to the cloud environment, equipment failures do not cause downtime so easily and the duration of possible outages is also shorter.

At Zoner, we invest in high-quality and fast servers. Servers are almost invariably Supermicro’s professional server devices, which have plenty of capacity. Our servers are protected by both traditional firewalls and the Web Application Firewall (WAF).

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