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Since December 12, 2011
Installatron Fast Update

Web hosting za Vaše web stranice, 500mb samo 336kn god. Profesionalna usluga web hosting smještaja stranica. Više od 11 god. iskustva web hosting usluga. Profesionalni pristup i podrška prema svakom klijentu nam je osnovni prioritet u svakodnevnom poslovanju.

S.H.O.P. CENTAR d.o.o. was registered on 23 December 2003 with the Commercial Court in Zagreb, Croatia. The registration in the Court Registry was published on 24 December 2003.

Since we have launched our business, we have attracted over 5000 web hosting customers and registered over 20000 domains! Our servers host renowned Croatian political parties, artists, corporations, firms, associations, etc. We also record continuous growth and our webhosting business is based on reliability, individual approach to customers, and immediate resolution of any problems.
Our professional approach and support we provide to each customer is our number one priority in our daily business.

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