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Since September 8, 2009

Radicenter offers webhosting and domain services for private and business customers and developers who wish to host a web page and/or E-mail services or apps.
(Our services are developer friendly!)

Radicenter web hosting package is simple, stable and easily upgradable according to customer´s needs. Standard package starts from 150GB of disk space for one domain/web page/emails/DNS/...

Radicenter web hosting packages enable clients to increase the number of hosted web sites / domains. If you want to create a new website or move an existing website to Radicenter, you do not need to order a new additional hosting package, just order an additional domain space. For additional domains it is possible to create webpages, e-mail addresses, FTP usernames, databases etc.

For additional domains it is possible to create alias domins (Domain Pointers) targeting to main domain, also you can create subdomains (eg shop.domain.com)

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