Installatron Automation Hook for WHMCS

The Installatron Automation Hook method of integration was developed by Installatron as an open source solution that enables WHMCS packages to be configured to automatically install applications during the account order process. This highly flexible method of integration works by providing a PHP file that is edited to provide instructions to WHMCS. As PHP file editing is required for this method, some PHP programming experience is recommended; this method of integration may not be suitable for everyone.

This solution is fully tested and compatible with cPanel/WHM, cPanel Enkompass, DirectAdmin, and Plesk servers.

What the default hook code does

For WHMCS accounts provisioned that are assigned to the WHMCS package id 2, a copy of phpBB is automatically installed to the forum HTTP directory.

For WHMCS accounts provisioned that are assigned to any other package id, a copy of WordPress is automatically installed to the root HTTP directory.

In both cases a randomized password is used for the install's admin login, and the account owner will be emailed the login information for the new install.

With minimal programming knowledge this sample can be modified and expanded on to handle just about anything.

Download and install the hook

First, the below PHP file should be placed inside the WHMCS "includes/hooks" directory and renamed from a ".phps" file to ".php".

(last updated: 2012-11-06 -- yes, this still works; this system has been stable since 2012)

Next, copy the below PHP file from your Installatron installation into your WHMCS "includes/hooks" directory. This is a helper file for the previous script.


That's it! The installatron_automation_whmcs.php code can now be modified to suit your needs.

Have questions?

Support is readily available. We can answer any questions and even assist with your requirements.


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