Automation API: Sample PHP code to install WordPress to an account


Provided here are two sample PHP code files that will initiate a HTTP connection to the Installatron Automation API, then install a copy of WordPress to the blog sub-directory of the auser account. A randomized password is used for the install's admin login, and the account owner will be emailed the login information for the new install.

With minimal programming knowledge this sample can be modified and expanded on to handle installing different applications or multiple applications. This possibilities are endless.

Note: The single-domain free version will not work with this automation method. Please test with a 45-day trial license or a paid license.

Download the samples

The first sample uses a helper function. Reference this sample unless the helper function is not suitable.
(last updated: 2019-01-22)

The second sample connects directly without a helper function.
(last updated: 2019-01-22)


Support is readily available. We can answer any questions and even assist with your modifications.


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