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Installatron Server 4.1.52

9 April 2020

IS-2393-1 Added improvements to improve load time of Install, Clone, Migrate, and Restore-to-location forms for accounts with many databases.
IS-2284-1 Amazon S3: Added the ability to set the specific S3 endpoint.
IS-2252-1 Fixed memory leak backing up and cloning apps with very large databases.
IS-2266-1 Fixed a minor issue impacting inter- FTP server file copy instructions which would result in a 0-bytes file when the source file didn't exist. These files are now skipped as expected.
IS-2014-1 Fixed an anomaly with the pre-task disk space check.
IS-2250-1 Fixed a bottleneck in the restore backup process which could result in an extra file copy operation.
IS-2250-2 Changed the default backup location to use a directory instead of hidden files. Existing backups will still be recognized. This can be modified by defining the "path_backups" member of the API Website Header. Reference https://installatron.com/developer/server#3.1
IS-2398-1 Fixed an invalid database error which could occur when attempting to Clone apps that do not use a database.
IS-2317-1 Fixed deletion of Dropbox-stored backups.
AP-163-1 SuiteCRM: Include "imap" PHP extension.
AP-161-1 Add environmental control for PHP session.auto_start.

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