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Installatron Server 4.1.0

1 April 2014

Installatron Server 4.1 is the first major release of the 4.x series. This is a minor feature update that adds new functionality based on feedback received.
Added the ability for administrators and resellers to create and manage Application Templates (at Installatron Admin > Applications > Templates), and website owners can choose between enabled Application Templates when installing an application (instead of choosing demo content or no content).
Added an option to restore installed application backups to a different location than the original location.
Added an option to abort executing and queued tasks using the Task Manager UI and API (website owner and reseller/admin levels).
Added an option to forcibly refresh application preview images.
Added locale improvements to better support translation interchangeability.
FTP/FTPS subsystem: Fixed support for certain Windows-based FTP servers.
Fixed an issue where the Live Demo Admin UI tab did not work for certain browsers.
Fixed existing Automatic Backup schedules to be ignored when backup functionality is switched off at Installatron Admin > Features.
Fixed Backup Quotas to properly trigger in all cases.
WordPress: Added support for secure single-sign-on (SSO). This feature is enabled by default and can be switched off at Installatron Admin > Features.

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