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Installatron Server 2.2.0

29 February 2012

Added the ability to issue API commands for FTP servers without specifying the FTP server's local root path. The local path is now automatically detected, as required, similar to how our Installatron Remote product works.
Added caching to the "browser" API to significantly improve performance.
Added support for PHP CGI configurations that require +x on public PHP files.
Improved upgrade performance over the FTP/FTPS layer for most server configurations.
Fixed compatibility with many non-standard FTP server configurations.
Fixed logs/filesystem_log to no longer include FTP/FTPS passwords in log entries.
Installatron Server GUI: Added admin/reseller option to disable application name truncation on the Applications Browser tab.
Installatron Server GUI: Improved install's "Database" section when a manual list of databases is provided.
Installatron Server GUI: Improved the submit time of the "Install" and "Import" tools.
Installatron Server GUI: A list of databases and files is no longer displayed on the Uninstall and Delete Backups tools. By default the file list is now fully automated, but the file list can still be modified on the view/edit details page.
Installatron Server GUI: Fixed "Websites" dropdown to group websites correctly.
Coppermine: Now accepts passwords with non-alphanumeric characters.

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