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Installatron Plugin 9.1.53

24 September 2020

IP-2431-1 Fixed database import/migration process to consider meta data from disabled app versions.
IP-2430-1 Changed the magic "auto" number of simultaneous tasks to default to two less than the previous value.
IP-2430-2 Added "System Load Maximum" setting to Installatron Admin > Settings. Previously this was a hidden, config file only setting.
IP-1787-1 Added additional database creation redundancy.
IP-2442-1 Added ease of use improvements to the task management UI.
IP-2437-1 Fixed an issue which could cause the task queue to quit processing tasks which were delayed for later processing by the "peruser" task metering setting.
IP-2428-1 Fixed systems to clear litespeed app cache when necessary.
IP-2447-1 Fixed PHP error resulting from IP-2428-1.

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