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Installatron Plugin 9.1.31

30 May 2017

Added 'install this app' to the App Browser button menus.
Added integration with CSF to automatically white list remote file system connections for app migrations and other subsystems. The white list is removed after the connection is closed.
Added additional integrity checks to the clone processes.
Added support for Dropbox V2 API.
Fixed an issue cloning apps with large files.
Fixed an issue with the task queue system which could slow down the task initiation process.
Fixed PHP extension 'fileinfo' dependency check.
cPanel/WHM: Fixed UI inconsistencies with Paper Lantern introduced by the newer cPanel/WHM 11.64 versions.
cPanel/WHM: Fixed display issues pertaining to Paper Lantern theme styles (including fixes for dark and light mode).
Plesk Onyx: Fixed file manager links.

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