How to Use WHM on a Cloud VPS?

Regarding problems encountered while using the website owner interface.
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How to Use WHM on a Cloud VPS?

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All the customers using cloud VPS server can able to access their WHM interface by using
Here is your domain name

If your domain is not pointed to specific VPS then also you are able to access the VPS via its server name (e.g. If you are hosted on, then you can access your WHM via http//

Whenever you use WHM, usually you will get a warning about the SSL certificate used. It’s all because of default; cPanel customs a shared self-signed SSL certificate. You can securely admit the certificate - the connection will still be protected.

Next you will be asked for your WHM login credentials. Ultimately cPanel user and password will be used to login your WHM as it will be same for both cPanel and WHM, you will log in to your WHM and will be able to manage your Cloud VPS.
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