Import WordPress Export XML files

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Import WordPress Export XML files

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On shared web hosting, importing WordPress native XML export files doesn't always work as well as expected. This is because when importing large amounts of data or even just a few dozen media items (since it takes time to download the media files), server timeouts are almost always reached.

While Plesk allows our clients to increase their PHP timeout value, there's no way to increase the FastCGI or NPM timeouts, nor the nginx or apache server process timeout. This is intentional on shared hosting as it ensures that processes can't run endlessly, potentially bogging down the server simply because one website had some code that got caught in a loop.

Therefore the best solution to this is to use wp-cli to handle the import instead of the UI. I wrote about this here. However not all clients are familiar with the command line and Plesk by default locks down the chrooted shell to not even allow PHP access by default, making this only really feasible for those with their own VPS.

A great alternative would be to be able to import a WordPress export XML file via Installatron. This would work well since Installatron runs its own PHP instance that already has no timeouts set. In other words, it's already set up for exactly these scenarios. It would be great if the Installatron UI could provide a place to upload an XML file to import it, then provide even just the raw output of the wp-cli command to show progress. My thoughts were that it could be a tab called "XML Import" and exist beside the "Files & Tables" tab when looking at a WordPress app.

This is not really high priority, but should be a somewhat easy to implement feature as is. Additionally, implementing XML import/export could even lead to a method of automatically merging two WordPress instances or even better handling differential data merges automatically with Installatron when trying to roll out a staging / dev site (by providing a feature to automatically copy all changes into the dev install before rolling it out).
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