Rename "Applications Browser" tab

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Rename "Applications Browser" tab

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Hey guys,

On a few occasions we've had customers confused when they go to install an app. They've previously installed at least one, or we've imported their first site for them. So when they go to Installatron, they can't find where to install an app because it's showing their existing apps.

The title "Applications Browser" doesn't indicate that this is to browse apps that can be installed... it could very well mean basically the same thing as the "My Applications" tab.

My suggestion to fix this is any combination of the following:

1. Rename the "Applications Browser" tab to "Install an Application" or "Application Installer"
2. When viewing the "My Applications" tab it says at the very top: "These are your installed applications. Applications can be accessed, updated, edited, backed-up, cloned and uninstalled." I suggest adding to this: "To install an application, click here" and have that take the user to the Applications Browser tab.
3. Change the icon of the Applications Browser tab to one that shows either a + or the downward pointing arrow. Both of those have the implication of installing or adding something. Honestly the star icon would probably better fit the "My Applications" tab.
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